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010 - Are You Monetizing Your Writing?

Dec 03, 2023
Newsletter page with the title 'Are You Monetizing Your Writing? Is It Worth Considering?' by Marlena M.D. Kelley. Content includes a discussion on the value of writing, introspection tips, and a Gen-X Flashback about arcade games, particularly Pac-Man

Hello SWAGGER Fam,

Is It Worth Considering?

Today is about monetizing your writing.

In the world of content creation, particularly writing, the biggest challenge often isn't the craft itself, but the internal battle raging within about whether to place a monetary value on your work.

Many of us wrestle with the notion of charging for our writing. It's a mental hurdle, deeply rooted in how we perceive the worth of our own words.

Let Me Ask You

Have you ever hesitated to put a price on your articles, stories, or essays? Do you ask yourself, "Is my writing good enough to be paid for?"

Actionable Tip

This involves introspection and recognition of your writing's impact.

Here’s the Internal Value Perception Framework to help guide your journey:

  1. Acknowledge the effort, research, and creativity that goes into crafting each piece.
  2. Reflect on the influence your writing has on readers – whether it's bringing new insights, offering escapism, or provoking thought.
  3. Remind yourself that your skills and contributions are unique and deserving of compensation. See the unique value of your work and empower yourself to start charging, believing in its worth.


Stay tuned for next week’s issue.

Until then, I leave you with a quote from Maya Angelou, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Love ya,

Marlena M.D. Kelley, the Entrepreneur with SWAGGER

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