What is SWAGGER?

009 - Does It Smell Right?

Nov 26, 2023
An open envelope releasing a soft, refreshing fragrance, symbolizing the essence of genuine, valuable, and heartfelt email communications.

Hello SWAGGER Fam,

Today is about emails passing the smell test.

Striking a balance between coming off as overly sales-oriented and authentically engaging can be a struggle when it comes to email marketing.


Let Me Ask You

Do you wrestle with the content of your emails, wondering if you've crossed the line from educational, engaging, and authentic to salesy and pushy?

Actionable Tip

Apply the “3-Question Smell Check” before sending your next email. Ask yourself:

  1. Is this me? Does the email sound like what you would say?
  2. Is this helpful? Does the email provide clear value to the reader which may include buying something from you?
  3. Is this what I want? Does your call-to-action let your reader know what you want them to do?

If you feel good and are satisfied with your answers, then hit send!


Until next week my friend, here's a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh - "Breathing in I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile."

Love ya,

Marlena M.D. Kelley, the Entrepreneur with SWAGGER

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