What is SWAGGER?

003 - Mix It Up

Oct 15, 2023
A vintage microphone juxtaposed with modern soundwaves, symbolizing the timeless power of the spoken word, inviting listeners to connect on a more intimate level.

Hello SWAGGER Fam,

The sound of your voice can make all the difference

Today is about the surprising power of mixing in some audio.

We live in a time where they say content is king, and the pressure to constantly create is all around us.


Let Me Ask You

Have you ever considered the true power of the spoken word in your content marketing strategy?

I find audio gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience on a more personal level. It is a tool you may want to include in your toolbox. Your depth of thought will shine when you choose to speak. But how can you leverage this potential without stepping out of your comfort zone?

Actionable Tip

Create a short audio clip where you share a piece of advice or insight related to your industry. You don't need fancy equipment for this—your smartphone's voice recorder will do just fine. Find a quiet spot, hit record, and let your knowledge flow. Then share it with your audience.

These two steps will help you understand how simple it is to create audio content and allow you to experience its impact firsthand. You might even be surprised at how natural it feels to communicate your ideas this way.

Bonus: Your audience will appreciate the sound of your voice and how it makes them feel.


Until next week my friend. 

Being an introverted entrepreneur is not a limitation to overcome. It is a unique gift, shaping you and providing all you need to create a successful business on your own terms.

Love ya,
Marlena M.D. Kelley, the Entrepreneur with SWAGGER

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