What is SWAGGER?

Unlock the Power of Impactful Communication with The SWAGGER Report

Welcome to the SWAGGER Report, a weekly short-form newsletter. Every issue arrives Sunday morning and serves as a nudge towards improving your communication.

You get a tangible tip, a framework, or a strategy, all designed to amplify your voice: be it on paper, on screen, or on the microphone.

But, my friend, there's more. You receive an added layer of warmth and nostalgia with a cool Gen-X flashback. You can choose to read each issue, as you listen along for a richer experience.

From thought-provoking questions to actionable insightsā€”each piece is short, simple, and rounded off with wisdom through a memorable quote. Dive in, think differently, and implement immediately. Make an impact when you communicate. Subscribe to get started.

Judson Bartlett

Thereā€™s a reason Marlena has Raving fans! She delivers the good stuff I didnā€™t even know I was looking for: wisdom and advice to keep me motivated, important questions that keep me on my toes, and action items that help me both gain and give back. Marlenaā€™s SWAGGER Reports are appointment listening every week! ~ Pandrake Partners

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